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Let’s talk neighbors. I’ll keep my voice down so they don’t hear us, don’t worry. Because sure, they’re great when you need to borrow a socket wrench, but sometimes you don’t need every firepit chit chat or two-piece suntan session observed by ol’ Randy next door. We have solutions for you, and privacy can be
Those blue skies are calling, but your backyard consists of a stack of seat height cinderblocks and a bedsheet draped between two ladders. A stiff breeze rolls through and your bedsheet sun shade is gone with the wind. Friend, it’s time to build your patio. You don’t know where to start and we get that.
Dek Tex | Patio Considerations
Breathe in…breathe out. Smell that? That’s cut grass and grilled meats, summer’s eau de parfum. And while we are all excited to pop outside with a glass of something frosty, this is also the time of year we’re reminded what our outdoor spaces are lacking. Before you call DekTex for your personal patio estimate, here
It’s a new era for the businesses we run and frequent, one that demands agility and versatility. Restaurants and bars have learned to add patio seating to accommodate safe social distancing. Schools and daycares have taken full advantage of open air recreation and education. As many enterprises move outdoors, they have leaned on commercial pergolas