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DekTex Deck | Pergola | Madison, WI
Your patio isn’t simply a backyard addendum, it’s supplemental living space. The family pet practically lives there, a glass of wine by the firepit beats a fireplace every time, and your kids would rather take lunch outside over the formal dining room any day of the week. Think of it as a rumpus room with
Dek Tex | Cold weather patio design
It’s that leaf raking, football watching, doggy sweater wearing, pumpkin spicing time of year, and with it comes a word we haven’t uttered in months: “Brrrr.” While the temps can feel like a pause on outdoor life, it needn’t be with patio upgrades that suit your al fresco ways. Sling a scarf over those shoulders,

Indoor Living…Outside

As transitional temperatures approach, with chilly nights and comfortable days, the mourning of summer weather past is creeping in. The urge to flip the sign to “Closed” on our yards comes sooner than we’d like, simply because it hasn’t been designed for use over a maximum number of months. Creating more livable backyard rooms involves
With a catchy name like DekTex, it is often assumed our entire sales portfolio is built around decking and decking only. In fact a large part of our day-to-day design and installation also involves custom hardscaping, such as patio flooring, garden paths, and decorative walkways. Not just a beautiful way to add polish and create