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All of us have stared out our back window, daydreaming about what could be. We have imagined more life enjoyed outside, in a destination more inviting, more accommodating, more functional than in its current state. Inevitably those fantasies take root and it’s time to make them happen. But making the decision to begin is the
Improving your outdoor living experience requires a little bit of imagination, a lot of organization, and 100% confidence in those executing your vision. It’s difficult though to know when hiring your team who is going to serve your needs best, and who will end up costing you time and money in the long run. With
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Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your outdoor living space! At DekTex, we understand the idea of bringing your vision to life can seem overwhelming. Fortunately through years of experience and excellence, we have streamlined your build into a clear 10-step process:   First, consider your budget. visit our website to get an estimate. We will do

Helical Piles at DekTex

Helical Piles DekTex Deck Footings
Helical Piles at DekTex DekTex has been using helical piles for years in our deck construction. This is the most efficient way to install deck footings for your outdoor living space. What is a Helical Pile? A helical pile consists of at least one helix-shaped steel bearing plate attached to a central steel shaft. Each helix