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For over 20 years, Trex has led the industry with innovative, durable, and ecologically friendly outdoor composite construction materials. Composite materials provide the look and feel of natural wood, so you get a beautiful outdoor space, but they also deliver far more lifetime value than wood can offer.


Trex decking is manufactured using 95% recycled materials that are carefully processed to assure high performance. Trex decking is engineered to resist or overcome entirely the natural processes that reduce the long-term effectiveness and appearance of natural wood. Trex decking:

  • Resists fading, staining, mold, mildew, and termites
  • Won’t warp, rot, crack, or split
  • Is completely splinter-free
The result is an outdoor living space that stays looking great year after year. Should you sell your home, a deck constructed of Trex materials is a desired feature by many buyers. Real estate agents frequently include Trex by name when presenting the selling points of a home!


Just comparing materials on a piece-by-piece basis, composite decking is more expensive than its wood counterpart. However, remember that most decks can and should last years – even decades – with proper maintenance. And maintenance is expensive and time-consuming. So, it’s important to think in terms of the total cost of enjoying an outdoor living space like a deck.

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Wood vs Trex


Because it’s a natural product, wood decks must be protected from the elements on an annual basis. That means paying someone to clean, remove stains, repair, re-paint or stain, and re-seal your wood deck. Or doing all of that yourself. Every year. For as long as you own your home.
Then there’s the environmental impacts to consider:

  • Wood must be harvested from live trees that take years to grow – and re-grow
  • Many of the products required to maintain wood decking are harsh chemicals that can pollute and cause harm to your family, and it can be very difficult to dispose of leftover products

And, possibly most important of all, the time you spend maintaining your wood deck means you’re not spending time with your family enjoying your deck. You can always buy more products or services, but no amount of money will buy more time with your family.


Because Trex decking materials are engineered to reduce or eliminate most of the need for performing annual maintenance, you can spend your time and money enjoying your deck! Decks constructed with Trex materials require minimal upkeep:

  • Clean with regular soap and water
  • You choose the color you want up front so there’s no staining or painting required - ever
  • Winter care is a breeze –
    • Use lightweight plastic tools to remove snow
    • Use rock salt to melt any ice off of your deck


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Trex Transcend®

  • widest range of colors and finishes
  • Proprietary shell technology that protects against fading, staining, scratching, mold, and mildew
  • Unique hardwood appeal
Trex Enhance®
  • three versatile colors
  • fade and stain protection
  • enhanced mold and mildew resistance
Trex Select®
  • most affordable
  • five colors
  • protective shell technology for enhanced mold and mildew resistance

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